An introduction of Trinity.


In the north east end of the Island of Jersey within the Channel Islands, lies the parish of Trinity. Considered to be the most rural of Jersey’s twelve parishes, Trinity is the third largest parish as far as surface area is concerned. The entire parish covers 6,817 vergees which is 12.3 square kilometers. This is equal to 4.75 square miles. The parish of Trinity is also known to be the parish with the third smallest population of the twelve.

The Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society headquarters are housed in the parish of Trinity. They are located at the Royal Jersey Showground, the Jersey Zoo at Les Augres Manor ad the States Farm. Another well known landmark is the Parish church. Its white pyramidal spire is a distinctive landmark as it rises above the lush green rolling hills of the island. Another notable landmark is the Le Vesconte memorial. Built in 1910, the Le Vesconte memorial is constructed to form an obelisk at a crossroads that commemorates Philippe Le Vesconte. Philippe Le Vesconte, December 21, 1837 to August 21, 1909, was elected as constable an astounding ten times between the years of 1868 to 1877 and again in 1890 to 1909. Another of the notable historical figures of Trinity is Sir Arthur de la Mare. A native of Trinity, Sir Arthur de la Mare was an ambassador and diplomat in Japan, Thailand and Singapore. He also wrote Jerriais literature in the Trinity dialect.

To add to the romance of the Island, folklore of the area tells of a phantom dog in the area of Bouley. The Black Dog of Bouley, or Tchian d’Bouole. According to the local folklore, the Black Dog of Bouley appears before storms strike. It is believed that this legend originated because smugglers wanted discourage people from coming out at night because they may inadvertently witness their illegal activities, such as the movement of contraband. The harbour in Bouley was a popular site for moving contraband by smugglers.

The Shield of the Trinity diagram is the Parish of Trinity coat of arms. Another interesting tid bit of information is that the Seigneur of Trinity resides in the Trinity Manor. There is a tradition that it is a feudal duty of the holder of this property that is passed down through generations to present a pair of mallard ducks to the Monarch when visiting the Island.

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Visit this historical land, this seaside escape. You can wander the streets, taking the rich history and culture. You can visit the Jersey Zoo. This beautiful Island has so much to offer and Trinity will give it all to you. Take in the beauty and heritage of this beautiful land. You can venture up the hill sides on cliff paths and explore the lush, green forests of the Island. Choose an accommodation on the beach so that you can fall asleep at night to the gentle lapping of the waves and you can wake in the morning to the sounds of the ocean and harbour.

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