St Saviour

An introduction of St Saviour.


St. Saviour, the only of the twelve parishes of Jersey Island that is almost entirely landlocked. There is actually only one very small piece of land that touches the sea. This little inland paradise has several top rate inns and hotels for your comfort. You can enjoy many activities, such as sightseeing as you tour the island. You can also partake is other activities. Enjoy a game of golf, or clay pigeon shooting. Rock climbing is always a hit, but if you like to keep both feet on the ground, check out a cycle tour. If you like more of a risk and adrenaline rush, try some sky diving or hover crafting.

The sea can offer you sea kayaking, coasteering, hover crafting, RIB charter and yacht charter. You can also check out a wide variety of water sports or even windsurfing and dinghy sailing. The Jersey Island offers you a multitude of activities in which you can engage. All you have to do is take the plunge. Rock climbing is an awesome activity. There is nothing like the adrenaline rush that you get as you climb the rock. To feel the cold, hard rock under your feet and in your hands, to know that when it comes down to it, you are at the mercy of nature’s whims. You feel your body being challenged in ways you never thought possible. There are so many different things to do; the hard part will be deciding which to do first.

The view on the Island of Jersey will take your breath away. The beauty is natural and the lifestyle is carefree. It is like being on a cruise – except that you stay inland. The really interesting thing about the Jersey Island is that it is situated close to the UK, but it is not a part of it. Additionally, it is within Europe, but it is not in the EU. The largest of the Channel Islands, Jersey has everything that you could ever want in a vacation from the romance of the lapping waves to the practicality of an airport, the main one for the Channel Islands.

Over the past few years, Jersey has gone from being a haven for snow birds and retirees to an up and coming hot spot that attracts younger, fresher folks so that the vacation population of Jersey and its parishes is injected with youth and carefree fun. Jersey is highly regarded as one of the best locations in Europe for outdoor activities. There are also a great deal of restaurants, night clubs and bars. The restaurants are top quality and the accommodations are top notch. Go parasailing during the day and go out on the town at night.

Jersey Island can give you the best of both worlds. It is a destination of fun, romance and activity. You can do so much on Jersey Island and St. Saviour is no exception. Enjoy the lush greenery or visit some of the historical sites. You can learn about the Island’s heritage, its culture and you may even learn something about you.

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