St Peter

An introduction of St Peter.


Of the twelve parishes on Jersey Island, Saint Peter is the only one that has two separate coastlines. This stretches from St. Oues’s Bay in the western part of the island to St. Aubin’s Bay in the southern part of the island. This also means that St. Peter cuts St. Brelade off from the other parishes of Jersey Island. St. Peter is located in the west central part of the island. It boasts being the fourth largest parish, as far as surface area is concerned. St. Peter covers 6,469 vergees, or 11.6 square kilometers. This is 4.48 square miles. In addition to St. Brelade at the southern border, St. Peter also borders three other parishes. St Peter borders St. Ouen to the north, St. Lawrence to the east and Saint Mary to the north east. St. Peter is nestled between these parishes and offers its visitors the luxury of two beautiful beaches, at two separate ends of the parish, and lots of neat stuff in between.

The Jersey Airport takes up most of the area of the parish of St. Peter. The Jersey Airport is the hub for transportation to and from the Channel Island of Jersey. From here you can fly in and out of Jersey Island, from just about anywhere to just about anywhere. You can rent a vehicle so that you can get around on the island and you can book private and business flights. There are a variety of different services that are available for you at the Jersey Airport. The Jersey Airport is also the main gateway airport to the Channel Islands themselves. This airport receives service from many different types of domestic and European carriers. It is literally an international hub.

Jersey have a variety of activities and attractions. Aside from visiting the historical sites, you can also enjoy sky diving, swimming and many other outdoor activities. There are many fine hotels and the hospitality is said to be unsurpassed. If night life is your thing, there are many pubs and taverns for you to wet your whistle. If the beauty of nature is your thing, then you can enjoy a wide variety of natural beauty from rolling hills, lush forests, cliffs with breath taking views, crystal clear seas and warm, sandy beaches. You can hike up hills, take a walk in the park, tackle the Amazin’ Maze or just sit back and relax.

Take some time to check out St. Peter on the Jersey Island. Check out the sites and enjoy the scenery. St. Peter will leave you with a lasting impression. From there, you can check out the beaches, tour the island and check out the other parishes. The restaurants are some of the best around and the hospitality of the staff of restaurants and hotels is legendary. Once you try the Jersey Island and St. Peter as well as the other parishes, you will realize that you have found a jewel in the Channel Islands. You have found a paradise.

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