St Lawrence

An introduction of St Lawrence.


The parish of St. Lawrence is located in the Channel Islands on the Island of Jersey. It is one of the twelve parishes of the Island. Located in the center of Jersey, St. Lawrence is 5,258 vergees, or 9.5 square kilometers. This is 3.67 square miles. The panoramic view that St. Lawrence offers makes it a popular tourist attraction. Parts of the parish overlook St. Aubin’s Bay along a beautiful golden, sandy beach. There are also views of the Elizabeth Castle, a historical attraction and the St. Aubin Fort, another historical attraction. St. Lawrence is also home to Coronation Park.

The picturesque parish of St. Lawrence features Hamptonne, the Country Life Museum. The Country Life Museum is housed in a variety of restored farm buildings throughout the parish. Jersey cider is a pride of Jersey and St. Lawrence houses an apple orchard where the Jersey cider apple varieties that are native to the area are preserved. Also, the cider press house, known as the preinseu, is the main focus of the cider making festival. This Fais’sie d’cidre utilizes cider making equipment and methods that are traditional to the area. As a side line, Under the Greenwood Tree, an ITV drama, was filmed mostly in St. Lawrence.

The German Underground Hospital, which is now known as the Jersey War Tunnels reside in St. Lawrence. These Jersey War Tunnels are one of the major historical attraction of St. Lawrence and Jersey. They are an example, a relic, of the vast and varied engineering tasks that the occupying German forces undertook during the years of 1940 to 1945. These Jersey War Tunnels now serve as a tribute in memory of the numerous slave workers who were captured and then forced to work on this project as well as many others during World War II.

Coronation Park is one of St. Lawrence’s finest attractions. The park was a gift given to the people of Jersey by the widow of Jessie Boot, Lady Trent. Jessie Boot, known as Baron Trent, was the founder of Boots the Chemist. Coronation Park, also known as Millbrook Park was home to the primary residence, Villa Millbrook, for Lady Trent. This park offers many different types of plants as well as a Victorian shelter and a play area for children which features a paddling pool. St. Matthew’s Church is located beside the park. St. Matthew’s Church features a plain exterior that is stark white rectilinear. Just through the doors, however, are amazing, breathtaking Art Deco glass fixtures and fittings that were designed in 1934 by Rene Lalique, thus giving the church its name, Glass Church. The panels, altar cross, altar rail and font were created using a milky opaque glass, as were the Art Deco angels that will leave you awestruck.

Visit this picturesque area and live the rich history and culture that is exudes. You will enjoy walking through the park, visiting the historical sites and walking the lovely beaches. St. Lawrence is just like something off of a picture postcard.

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