St John

An introduction of St John.


St. John Parish is located in the northern center of Jersey Island. It is one of twelve parishes of Jersey that is located in the Channel Islands. St. Mary borders St. John on its western side. It borders Trinity on its eastern side. On its southern side, St. John is bordered by both St. Lawrence and Saint Helier. The cliffs on the northern coast of St. John are one of its attraction spots. These cliffs offer some of the most spectacular views in all of Jersey. St. John ranks second after Trinity for having the highest point in Jersey. This second highest point, at 473 feet, is located at Mont Mado. St. John covers an area of 4,846 vergees, which is 8.7 square kilometers or 3.36 square miles.

Jersey is a picturesque island with sandy beaches, lush green parks and awesome cliffs that over look the sea. Anywhere that you go on Jersey Island, you are greeted with natural beauty and splendor that will remain with you always. Walk along the sandy beaches, bask in the sun. At night, go to sleep to the gentle lapping of the waves against the shore. A visit to Jersey Island is like a visit to a story book or a trip through history. There is so much history throughout the island with structures dating back to Word War II and far earlier. The chapels and churches on the island are sights to behold within themselves. The area is also rich in culture and there is much that you can learn on your trip to Jersey Island. Each parish has it own special and unique charm to offer you and the parish of St. John is no different.

St. John will take to back to a time when the past was the present and times were simpler. There are some beautiful hotels in the area of St. John and you can climb the cliffs of the second highest point on the island and get an awesome view. Think of the photos that you can take perched above the rest of the world on that cliff. They are photographs that you will treasure forever. You can look out over the clear blue water and get lost in the awesome beauty of nature. This is the area of the island that boasts the natural offerings of the island’s forests, wooded cliffs, golden beaches and the rolling ocean. The waters are warm and crystal clear. You can watch the playful waves as they dance over the shore and you may even take a dip if you feel so inspired.

Let your next vacation be to St. John on Jersey Island. If you need some time away, a chance to relax and unwind, then this is the place to go. Leave your cares at home and come to St. John to rewind, reconnect and relax. Amble through the historical sites, climb the rolling hills and bathe in the crystal clear sea. Peace and harmony are yours and they are waiting for you at St. John’s.

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