St Brelade

An introduction of St Brelade


Having been named after the wandering saint, St. Branwallader, you will wander nonstop with the beauty of the whole parish. St. Brelade is the second largest land area in the Jersey Islands. Its surface area is 7,103 vergees. St. Brelade, which is on the southwestern of the Jersey Island, is the only parish that borders another parish that is St. Peter.

Though the Church of Brelade is located far from the historic spots of the area, still it was situated in the dramatic end of the beautiful St. Brelade’s Bay. The location of their church even has a legend that fairies were the one who chose this site near the shoreline. Also, just along the side, St. Brelade has this little Fisherman’s Chapel that housed the paintings called frecoes that shows the icons of the Catholic Church Reformation of the Western Europe. Also, on the side of the Parish Church, La Chapelle es Pecheurs has well-preserved arts from the medieval period. Should you visit this parish, don’t forget to drop by and see the medieval arts and paintings that will transport you back to the past.

Want to see the most popular bays in Jersey? The only place to be is at St. Brelade! It has the Ouaisne, Portelet and St. Brelade Bay. Just being in St. Brelade Bay, you would not notice that the day is about to finish with tons of activities to do. The beach with the clear water and powdered golden sand is not just a sight that would capture your attention but the café and restaurant surrounding the beachside will beckon you to go and have a taste of the food that is truly delicious. Beach activities are also waiting for you to try–volleyball, speedboat tripping and banana boat rides. You can also try other water sports such as canoeing and pedalos.

If you want to relax and enjoy the sight of the beach, go to the southwestern part of the Island and you will find the La Corbiere lighthouse. This was the concrete lighthouse that was first built in the British Isles. Should there be a low tide, you can actually walk to get there with the causeway and be mesmerized with the clear rock pools. Don’t forget to take a picture of this panoramic view, which draws more tourists to the Island.

On the other hand, if you want to laze and learn the tradition of perfume making in Jersey, come and visit the Jersey Lavander Farm. You will be shown a video of all the activities on the farm from the origin of lavender, harvesting, distilling and bottling the perfume. If you love flowers and nature, you will be awed with the plants that surround the farm like cypress, eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary. You will also discover the 56 different kinds of bamboos since the farm houses this collection. Usually, all the plants on the farm are also for sale. If you just want to relax while viewing the scenery of greens and flowers, they have a tea room just suitable for dozing with nature.

Bays, farm and other scenic views will complete your vacation and adventure at St. Brelade!

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