An introduction of Grouville.


Walk the beautiful sandy beaches and enjoy the shallow, warm water of the Royal Bay of Grouville. The Royal Bay of Grouville, named so when Queen Victoria visited in 1846 and was exceptionally impressed, thus giving it its royal epithet. This area, favored greatly by tourists, is also one of the primary oyster producers for the entire island of Jersey. This little parish, known as Grouville, is charming and quaint and steeped in history. At one time the Royal Bay was also known for its production of vraic.

Within the Channel Islands lies Jersey and within Jersey lies twelve parishes. The one that lies in the south east part of the island is called Grouville. This little parish is approximately 7.8 square kilometers, or 4,354 vergees. And that is an area of about 3.01 square miles, most of which is dominated by the Royal Bay of Grouville. This is the popular area is for tourists.

When you move to the inland part of the parish, you will find the La Hougue Bie. This is the Island of Jersey’s most well known archaeological site. It is also considered one of the largest and best preserved graves in all of Europe. Now, the La Hougue Bie is a museum that is operated by the Jersey Heritage Truse. This is truly a sight to behold. There is a passage grave that is aligned for the equinox. It is covered by a prehistoric artificial mound. The Notre Dame de la Clarte, a mediaeval chapel, was built on the Neolithic mound. In the eighteenth century, the Notre Dame de la Clarte was converted to a Gothic Revival residence. This folly like home, called the Prince’s Tower, was demolished in the 1920’s. The ancient mound served as a site for the constructions of bunkers by the German forces during World War II. They built bunkers in and around the mound which has since been preserved for museum interpretation.

The Royal Jersey Golf Club is situated somewhat inland of Grouville, but you still get a breathtaking view of the Royal Bay. From the 4th green, you can see the bay, but you are most struck by the beautiful, lush green rolling hills of the Island itself. The 12th green gives you a magnificent view of Mont Orgueil castle looming in the background when you look back towards the tee. The 17th will give you an amazing view that you simply have to see for yourself to fully appreciate. It is guarded by a large bunker and offers a view across the bay of the shore line and of the villages situated along it.

Grouville is a charming parish in the Jersey Island that is literally steeped in history. Explore the historical sites and wander along the broad beaches of the Royal Bay of Grouville. Get lost in the sight, sound, smell and romance of the ocean. Grouville will take you to another time. Make your vacation plans to visit historical, breathtaking Grouville and let your adventure begin.

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